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Social Value Commitments

We’ve thought carefully about what's important to us and the social value we add. We are passionate about the wider determinants of health and supporting our health and social care partners address the needs of underserved communities. Our focus areas include reducing inequalities, improving access to employment opportunities, access to good training and supporting community partnerships.

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Capacity Building

We make an annual allowance for pro bono activity offering professional skills & support to local VCSE’s. Ensuring funding flows through to VCSE’s & stakeholders, “doing with, not unto”. 

In 2022/23 we supported:

  • Wandsworth Citizen’s Advice Bureau (Advice First Aid)

  • Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (bid writing)

  • Merton Connected (bid writing)

  • Croydon BME Forum & Asian Resource Centre Croydon (bid writing)

  • VCSE sessions promoting NHS employment

Work Experience

Working with us creates opportunities for students & young people to obtain paid work experience, boosting in demand employment skills for projects, events, training, communications, report writing & evaluation.



We’re committed to recruiting for diversity and recruiting from local communities. We work closely with Wandsworth WorkMatch, promote & advocate WorkMatch to other Wandsworth businesses, including Care Homes.


Increase access and awareness of funded/ free training for wide audiences, supporting skills development, attainment and maximizing value for money and social value.

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