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We met with our Wandsworth Clinical Directors this morning, who are each trying to understand the implications of the new GP contract, NHS Operational Planning & Contracting Guidance and 5 new service specs.

In addition, each PCN expected to complete their own PCN workforce plan; with a template to follow!

There is much pressure within the documents to "accelerate pace of recruitment" with regards to recruiting into the newly funded posts.

With pause for thought; there are a few take away points worth considering:

1. Workforce planning is an art not a science. It is not just about numbers, but try think about your PCN in terms of the learning environment and placements, eg. supporting GPs and nurses to do Fellowships, supporting portfolio roles and rotational posts.

The benefit of doing this within your PCN is about securing your workforce supply, retaining staff and helping make your PCN and attractive place to work.

Our PCNs and practices can help strengthen this by proactively building into our PCN development plans ways to help our staff and trainees move around the system.

Practical step by step process would be:

1. Find out what you have

2. Know what you want to offer (in terms of services, but also learning environment) … try think at a micro and macro level.

3. Resource from there

2. Draw upon your local Training Hub to understand what HEE and NHSE/I initiatives are available and relevant to you.

For example; the NHSE GP retention programme, the Fellowships programme, the NHSE resilience programme, Peer Support and preceptorship programmes, ‘borough based’ induction programmes- as examples.

Work with your Training Hub to:

  • Help develop portfolio roles

  • Encourage staff to becomes multi-professional educators and supervisors

  • Get your practice approved to host multi-professional trainees (Training Hubs will undertake the learning environment/ practice quality assessments in the future)

  • Take advantage of existing education & training opportunities, including apprenticeship levy to fund courses of existing staff.

  • In addition, Training Hubs will be holding and administering a new CPD allocation of £1000 per staff member over the next 3 years.

In Wandsworth we have offered 1:1 meetings with each of our 9 PCNs to talk through what's available from the Training Hub and what might work locally. Primary Care is all about relationships, working together across local networks, so we've made it our mission to be accessible and responsive to support our CD's.

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