How We Work

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In order to support efficient use of resources, all project activity is tracked and recorded on timesheets, allowing resourcing to flex up and down as needed.

Information Management

We apply a standardised approach to folder structures and data storage in the recognised YYMMDD format. A standardised approach helps team members navigate and retrieve information very quickly.


Communication activities are a recognised part of all roles. This includes regular reviews with clients and stakeholders, updating clients websites, developing project update presentations, engaging in social media and drafting content.

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Team Training

Personal development & training within the team is a high priority. Our fortnightly operational meetings are instrumental in ensuring everyone is up to date across all projects. We are a team, not only because we work together, but because we help each other to learn and develop.

Team Delivery

In order to support business continuity and succession planning, we ensure all work has an allocated lead as well as a deputy. This offers clients assurance of our delivery capacity as well as input from the experienced wider operational team.


Frequently, project requirements do change and we work flexibly with commissioners and clients to best adapt to a changing landscape.